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working on some new possible prints to come

Imaginary Landscape No. 2, lithography, 30x27cm, 2012, Maria Erikson

One semester Fine Art Printmaking course in Ålgården Sweden with some of the best printmakers I know. Applications can be made by mail to no later than May 5, 2013. For more info see


Studio Two Three

and the binding may begin

My prints are now available at the Gallery of Swedish Printmakers` Association

taken by Gadh


Engraving (1883) of Gustav Mützel’s illustration of the Common Crossbill, from Brehms Tierleben.  via CarambasVintage

woods (work in progress) by me, 2013


Gorgeous floating sculptures from showslow-


Peter Gentenaar’s Ethereal Paper Sculptures Float in the Air Like Jellyfish

Peter Gentenaar‘s art was born out of the limitations of what he could (or couldn’t) create with store-bought paper. So with the help of the Royal Dutch Paper Factory, he built his own paper factory and devised a custom beater that processes and mills long-fiber paper pulp into the material you see in his artwork. He saw the potential that wet paper had when reinforced with very fine bambooribs, and he learned to form the material into anything his imagination would allow.

Gentenaar describes the process: “By beating my pulp very long, an extraordinary play of forces occurs during the drying processes of my paper sculpture. The paper will shrink considerably, up to 40%, and the forces associated with this put the non-shrinking bamboo framework under stress. The tension between the two materials transforms itself into a form reminiscent of a slowly curling autumn leaf.”

all that hard work finally paid off